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Stabilizer Bag / Tripod Bag

The Nicolai Stabilizer Bag is much lighter than comparable stabilizer bags. With full functionality. Do not burden yourself with unnecessary heavy equipment.

It is suitable for big professional video cameras.

The Stabilizer Bag is filled with granulated cork. Cork has a light weight, it is water-resistant, aging-resistant and rot-proof. Its elasticity is uncoupled from vibrating surfaces. At the same time it is mechanically extremely stable. Our cork is made from 100% recycled material.

The outer material is made of a water repellent coated extremely durable, nylon fibre. It is washable in lukewarm water by hand.

The ticking with the cork can be removed. Ideal for applications where volume and weight should still more reduced. The Stabilizer Bag can be filled on site with rice, beans or similar suitable materials.

Our Stabilizer Bag is equipped with a removable shoulder strap.

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Nicolai Stabilizer Bag  Nicolai Stabilizer Bag
Nicolai Stabilizer Bag  Nicolai Stabilizer Bag

Purchase sum 200 Euro or more? Discounts on request.
Warranty: 2 years.

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